Residential Real Estate

Making Residential Real Estate A Pleasant Experience

The New Brunswick Area residential real estate market is a flourishing industry. At Foulds & Partners, our legal advice and guidance are focused on protecting your interests. Whether you are selling or buying or investing in residential real estate, the process may seem confusing and stressful. But our goal is to successfully close the transaction in a timely manner, keep you informed at all stages, alert you to issues when they arise and protect your interests.

What Can You Expect From Us?

You can expect to speak with experienced and knowledgeable people whenever you need. Our approach is client focused and solution-driven, which means we answer all your questions and deal promptly with your concerns. Our goal is to make your purchase or sale problem free.
We offer personal attention to each client, starting from the initial meeting. We review the agreement and depending upon the complexities involved we will give you an accurate estimate for costs. Other factors important to completing your residential real estate include a complete analysis of the mortgage information, including confirming mortgage details and dealing with lenders.
If we are retained before an agreement of purchase and sale is accepted, we can advise you on clauses that can be added or removed to ensure you are protected.

We Help With All Your Residential Real Estate Transactions

At Foulds & Partners, in New Brunswick, we recognize that many of our clients are working families, for this reason, we offer flexible office hours. If you are unable to meet during the day we can schedule an appointment for early evenings or weekends.

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Please contact us by email by completing the online contact form or call us . We also offer services in English, Hebrew and Portuguese.

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