Child Support

The Child Support Guidelines Made Simple

We appreciate when families separate, the children also go through a deeply disruptive time. Much of the source of protracted disputes have been reduced by the Child Support Guidelines. While the guidelines have eliminated uncertainty about the amount of support the determination of income on which child support is based can still be a complex process. In cases where the income is from simple employment the determination of child support may be relatively simple but the process can be complicated in the case of self-employed or persons who earn though private corporation or earn from investment income. There may be other factors that can complicate the determination of what is your actual annual income.
At Foulds & Partners, in New Brunswick, we encourage the parties to disclose their complete financials so that we can give you a frank and complete assessment of child support payments you may be expected to pay. Some spouses can come to an agreement using & collaborative family law approach – a more amicable way to separate or divorce.

Table Amount Determination

The federal government’s child support guidelines follow a table amount that determines how much a receiving parent will receive from the payor parent.
The three common factors that must be taken into consideration for the calculation of child support payment.

  • The number of children in the family
  • The province of residence of the paying parent
  • The gross annual income of the paying parent

But besides the above, there are additional features that will be considered, such as any special needs or expenses of the child. The special needs and expenses will make up support payable in addition to the basic monthly child support.

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