Family Law Agreements

Amicable Family Law Resolutions By Agreement

Family law disputes are not only about separation or divorce; other intersecting issues such as estate planning also need attention. At Foulds & Partners, we emphasize the importance of comprehensive solutions, canvassing both the immediate bust also possible estate planning concerns and future needs.
As our client, you will receive a high-degree of personal attention when your family law agreement is drafted. The goal is to customize the agreement based on matters that are important to you and your family while minimizing future legal costs.

Family Law Agreements Tailored To Your Needs

An agreement is designed to deal with the situation unique to each person’s circumstances. Whether you are married or in a common law relationship, are with or without children, have simple or complex assets or liabilities — these are aspects that will be covered in detail in your family law agreement.
We have drafted a range of family law agreement for many of our clients, including:

  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Marriage contracts
  • Paternity agreements
  • Family arbitration agreements
  • Separation agreements

Our role is to ensure that the family contract protects your interests with a view to avoiding future legal entanglement. In drafting your contract we ensure the following:

  • Your interests and concerns are incorporated into a negotiated agreement
  • You received full and updated financial disclosure
  • The final agreement sets out the terms agreed to in a clear plain language you can understand

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