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The well-being of the family starts with the best interest of the children. In a separation or divorce, sometimes the rights of the children are mistaken for the rights of the parents. At Foulds & Partners, our approach is child focused as we encourage to the degree possible preserving the role of both parents in the lives of their children.
The primary focus in a family law dispute regarding children is the best interest of the child. This will be approached by looking at a variety of possible parenting regimes, determining who the child will live with, will one parent be more responsible for decisions or will they share and, if so, how. Before answering these complex questions it is essential to probe other intrinsic questions that enable you to define how you see the best interests of your children.
In our initial intake you can expect to consider the following:

  • What are your most important goals/hopes for your children?
  • What are your most important worries/concerns/fears for your children?
  • What do you think are your partner’s most important goals/hopes for your children?
  • To what extent do you want your children to be involved in the process?

In this way the inquiry draws your focus on to the primary concern with child well being.
Find out about collaborative practice, and how it can help you achieve more amicable, effective solutions to separation and divorce. Get answers to the most common FAQs about the process.

Devising An Effective Parenting Plan

Without any doubt there are multiple practical issues that arise while considering a parenting plan. We will help you to identify and address these issues in a step by step approach that will alllow you to develop an integrated and comprehensive plan. As your family lawyer, we guide you in examining your particular circumstances and design the best possible options tailored for your circumstances.
When devising a parenting plan, we focus on the welfare of the children and provide you with information to let you play an active role in the process. Our goal is to guide you through the legal process with a view to building consensus and keeping the family crisis from undermining your children’s well being.

Take Action On Your Parenting Plan

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