Spousal Support

Spousal Support: Helping You Achieve An Equitable Settlement

Spousal support may be payable particularly in cases of income disparity between the spouses. In order to be payable the receiving party`s entitlement must first be answered positively. While spousal support is often payable it is not payable in all cases because not all spouses are entitled to support. We will make a detailed analysis of your circumstances before providing you with an opinion on whether spousal support may be payable. Law encourages an equitable distribution of wealth.
If spousal support is payable the payments are calculated based on the income of each party. The determination of spousal support is usually based on the Spousal Support Guidelines. But unlike Child Support Guidelines spousal support is not regulated although it has a formal method for determining a range of possible amounts and the Guidelines will inform the analysis and final outcome. However, where spousal support falls within the range is discretionary, the subject of negotiation and the product of a complex analysis. For more information, feel free to call our New Brunswick law office.
At Foulds & Partners, we help you focus on finding solutions and advice you based on a detailed analysis. Our attention to detail and our settlement focused approach has assisted families to save significantly on legal costs.

Factors Influencing Your Entitlement Or Obligation

Sometimes, financial disclosures are not sufficient to determine the calculation; instead an examination of other aspects is essential, such as:

  • How long has the couple been married for?
  • What is the income of each spouse?
  • Are there any children in the family?
  • What was the living standard of the parties at the time of separation?
  • Are there any other shared or independent assets or debts?

Some separating spouses reach amicable agreements through processes such as collaborative law. Learn more about the process and find out if it may work for you.

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